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    A very popular and profitable way to make easy extra money from the Internet is by posting on revenue sharing forums! What is a revenue sharing forum? A revenue sharing forum is a forum that shares its online earnings with its members! The forum does this mainly because without members there wouldn't be a forum and sharing the revenue is also a great way to keep a forum active! More threads you open, the more revenue you will get and the more posts you make equal the more revenue you get.

   This is usually done with some kind of affiliate program such as Google AdSense. You will see AdSense advertisement blocks around the forum. If you reply or start a topic you will be entered in a rotator of who's AdSense block shows up and you will earn some of the money (revenue) coming from that topic or post.

   Posting on these forums are a great way to make extra money, especially, if you enjoy starting or getting involved in on-line discussions! Believe it or not making extra money from posting on revenue sharing forums is so easy that anyone can do it (anyone with a computer anyway)!

   The basic trick to making extra money from revenue sharing is having your posts read in these forums. There are many ways of getting your post read in these revenue sharing forums.

   You can start by posting comments on topics you know a lot about. Make smart, interesting comments that people would be interested to read and reply too. You can also start your own topic and post questions that people would enjoy answering.

   You don’t have to post about serious things all the time. Some of the most widely read posts are usually of general interest subjects such as entertainment and culture. Also using keywords in your posts’ titles will help your fellow forum members find your post right away and become interested enough to read it.

   When you receive answers to your posts, try to answer them and add more details to make the thread more interactive and interesting!

   There are many forums that have become adsense revenue sharing forums.. While most revenue sharing forums make money from having Google adsense ads on the forum, there is one forum that offer a variety of other contextual advertisers

   Here a few tips for earn extra money from revenue sharing forum:
To make money from revenue sharing forums, you need to have a google adsense account!You have to have your own quality, content based site to apply to Google Adsense. Do not apply to Adsense using the forum name (you signed up for)as your website!

   (1) Make sure you have enter your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile. Enter your Google AdSense Channel ID. It also a good idea to have a unique Google channel ID for this forum (this way, you can track stats specifically for the forum).
   2) Create a good new thread and make your thread on a interesting topic..do not spam your affiliate links etc.

   (3) Add an interesting and attention grabbing title to your thread. This will bring more visitors/members to view your thread.

   (4) Become Active in the Forum. Try to post regularly, ask questions from the thread starter, share your expertise or experiences, etc.

   (5) A good section of any forum to start posting is in the "Introduce Yourself" (or something similar) section!

   (6) Make sure, you enable "Instant Email Notification)especially if it is a post that you started or have a feeling will become popular!

   (7) If allowed by the forum rules, put your website or affiliates pages in signature. Perhaps somebody will click on your link, go to your site and click your ads or join your affiliate program.

   If you are worried about forums having your AdSense Client ID. Don't be because you can look at the source of any publicly available web page that has AdSense ads. If you are still worried about it then the best thing to do is not participate.

   Even if you look at the HTML source on posts you have made and you will never see your AdSense Client ID. To prevent people from unknowingly violating the Adsense terms and conditions (specifically the part about clicking your own ads).Revenue sharing forums will never display your own AdSense Client ID to you (as long as you are logged in).

   In the previous thread, I have included a few extra money making forums and guidelines(tips) to help you make money from these forums! Money from Forums


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